Ecommerce Kansas City

  • The amount of online purchases continues to go up each year. You should not pass up this growing opportunity! <br><br>
Do you have a product to sell. Sure you can sell your product on eBay or Amazon, but these come at a cost. Why not sell on your own ecommerce website? Many companies have chosen to take this route and move their advertising dollars into this type of online storefront. You are missing out on a great opportunity by not taking advantage of what the internet has to offer.

An ecommerce website design can help you expand your business and customer reach as far as you desire. It helps you to build a stronger brand, build upon your customer loyalty, and provide an easier inventory management system.

In order to provide you with an easier inventory management system we utilize PHP and MySQL technologies. You are then able to login to a admin site where you have the ability to control what is displayed on your ecommerce website. You can add or delete products, change text, upload product pics, etc. You are also able to keep track of your orders along with receiving email notifications when a order is placed.

For the payment system we utilize PayPal. With their free service it allows the customer to pay either through paypal or with a credit card. This keeps you from having to manage sensitive customer information. Once the payment is complete it then redirects the customer back to your ecommerce site informing them that the purchase has been made.

Along with our inventory management system we also include the ability to upload products in bulk. This also allows you to upload product pics. We provide a template for you to fill out and provide guidance.