Website Examples

  • The website is an eCommerce site that includes an admin site and allows the end user to manage products, supplier, etc. <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
Fail Safe Logic<br>
Drop Ship<br>
Pro Staff/Non Pro Staff
  • This is the page that you would first see upon entering your admin site. It is custom built based upon the customer’s needs. <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
End user content control<br>
Image upload and resize<br>
Category creation
Product upload
Subproduct upload
Bulk upload
  • Bulk Upload Process page <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
Bulk Product Upload<br>
Bulk Image Upload
  • Product Page <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
Picture enlargement on hover<br>
Main picture switch on small image hover
  • Checkout Page <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
Secure checkout<br>
Login for easy checkout
  • Shipping and Payment <br><br> <b>Highlights</b><br>
Secure checkout<br>
Easy account creation on checkout<br>
  • Shipping Information <br><br> <b>Highlights</b><br>
Allows multiple shipping options.
  • Paypal <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
Paypal payment<br>
Credit card payment
  • Login Page <br><br> <b>Highlights:</b><br>
Secure login
  • Product Flags <br><br> <b>Highlights</b><br>
Drop Ship capability
  • Blue Springs SEO <br><br>